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Commission prices + Sites (All the info needed about me)

Posted by CheesoArt - November 27th, 2018

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. This site has been really nice since I joined.

Anyways, this is what I ussually work like.

There are three knd of pictures I mght do.These are:

-Commissions pictures: The ones you pay for and nothing else

-Patron Requests: The one you pay for, but in a montly subscription in Patreon (Has other benefits other than just this)

-Original Work: Just anythng I might do by myself.

On regard of Patreon, here's the tier reward list (Some of these will appear starting next year)

1st tier: Access to timed exclusive Pics. You'll see the pic 1 week before anyone else.

2nd tier: Same as before. %5 discount on commissions

3rd tier: Same as before. The right to vote on Patreon polls. Acess to .clip's (monthly). YOu can see the extra timed exclusive pic TWO weeks before anyon else. A colored sketch pic (Only once)

4th tier: Same as before. The right to suggst a character for the polls (Public and privates ones)Montly manga colored request.

Regarding what you ask for (both in Patreon Requests and Commissions), These are the rules:

General (both commissions and requests)

-For OC's reference of the character must be provided.

-NSFW is allowed, as long as it doesn't onvolve any kind of pedo stuff, guto, vore, vomit, etc.

-Any pic is open to a discussion. With this I man have the right to declne something that is not on this list, but also means that stuff like a sky or dissembodied parts (like dicks) is also open to discussion whnever i hav to charge for them or not. (mostly not).

Patreon Requests:

-Mostly the same as before

-It can only be one character. Disembodied parts ar okay too.

-The pic will be done once I finsh any pendng commission. You'll be nformed of everything, tho

-I charge upfront in Patreon. That means that, for example, if you join th 20th of may, you'll be charged automatcally. BUT, it also means that you can ask for your rewards automatically. that means two rewards in less than two weeks in this scenario.


Regarding commissions:

-I charge Upfront. That means that I wont start working unless s fully payed. Although I might send refunds (See below)

-Regarding refunds, they wont be made if there isnt a reasonable reason or if worked on the pic long enough (At least, started paiting it). In any scenario, I'll keep a small amount of it depending the cost. It wont be too much, tho. $5 most of the time.

-I start with all the client's sketches at the same time and then finsh them in the order of who paid first.

-Commissions will ussually be delivered via the site w'll use to communicat AND Email (For high resolution).

-You can pay a little extra to receve the .clip file too.

-The pic is literally yours, and you can do whatever you want wth it. Although I'll pleas ask you not to remove the watermark and/or to please let people know I did it somehow.


That's mostly all. For any doubt, here are my sits and my commissions prices!

Hav a great day <3









Discord Server

Email: cheesoart@gmail.com



Comments (3)

Question; What are you not willing to draw for a comm, kink wise?

It's all there, my bud

@CheesoArt Oh, sorry, it was under the patreon stuff, not comm info, I didn't see it. Would Peril be ok? Like, a girl tied to a spit over a fire or in a cauldron, that kinda stuff. like, in danger but not in pain, if you get me.

Should I take your lack of response as a "no" then?